How to complete missions in GTA V


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Completing missions in GTA V requires a combination of understanding the objectives, utilizing the game’s mechanics effectively, and sometimes, a bit of strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you successfully complete missions in GTA V:

1. Understand the Mission Objectives

  • Briefing: Pay attention to the mission briefing. Listen to characters’ dialogues and read any on-screen text.
  • Objectives: Check the mission objectives which are displayed on the screen. These can be dynamic and may change as you progress through the mission.

2. Preparation

  • Equipment: Make sure you have the necessary weapons, ammo, and body armor. You can buy these from Ammu-Nation.
  • Vehicles: Select an appropriate vehicle for the mission. Some missions require speed, while others might need durability.
  • Health: Ensure your character’s health is full. You can replenish health by eating at food stands, vending machines, or using first aid kits.

3. Mission Execution

  • Waypoints: Follow the waypoints marked on your mini-map. These guide you to your next objective.
  • Stealth vs. Aggression: Some missions allow for a stealth approach, while others might require direct confrontation. Choose the strategy that best suits the situation.
  • Switch Characters: Utilize the character-switching feature in missions where you control multiple protagonists. Each character has unique abilities that can be advantageous.
  • Cover System: Use the cover system to protect yourself during shootouts. This can significantly reduce the damage you take.
  • Driving Skills: Improve your driving skills to escape police chases and navigate through tight spots.

4. Combat Strategies

  • Headshots: Aim for headshots to quickly eliminate enemies.
  • Special Abilities: Use characters’ special abilities (Michael’s bullet time, Franklin’s driving skill, Trevor’s rampage mode) to gain an edge.
  • Weapon Selection: Choose weapons that suit the combat scenario, such as using snipers for long-range and shotguns for close combat.

5. Managing Wanted Level

  • Evade the Police: If your mission involves gaining a wanted level, use alleyways, tunnels, and garages to hide.
  • Pay ‘n’ Spray: Visit Los Santos Customs to respray your car and lose the cops.
  • Line of Sight: Break the police’s line of sight and stay out of their vision cones on the mini-map.

6. Utilize Game Features

  • Quick Save: Use the quick save feature on your phone to save progress before a difficult mission.
  • Replay Missions: If you fail a mission, you can restart it from the last checkpoint or replay it from the mission list.
  • Hints and Tutorials: Pay attention to in-game hints and tutorials which can provide useful tips.

7. Online Resources

  • Guides and Walkthroughs: Use online guides and walkthroughs for detailed mission strategies.
  • Forums and Communities: Engage with the GTA community for tips and advice.

Common Mission Types

  • Heists: Large, multi-part missions involving planning and execution. They often have multiple approaches (e.g., stealthy vs. loud).
  • Races: Some missions involve racing, which requires good control of vehicles.
  • Assassinations: These missions often require stealth and precision.

Example Mission: “The Jewel Store Job”

  • Preparation: Complete the setup missions to acquire the necessary tools and crew.
  • Approach: Choose between the loud or subtle approach. Each has different strategies.
  • Execution: Follow the plan, switch between characters as needed, and use their special abilities.

By combining these strategies and tips, you should be able to complete missions in GTA V more effectively and enjoyably.

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